Video Poker Guide

A lot of people think that they cannot win in any video poker. Well, that is exactly the opposite. Video poker, except if the program is already rigged which of course is illegal, can be won without any question. The only thing you do is to know how to make things work in your way. A lot of gamblers might be thinking that they could not be able to win video poker because the nature of the game itself is something out of luck. And at the same time they are thinking that almost every video poker programs are rigged. Well, that is not usually the case as video poker programs are regulated by a government body. Also, a lot of associations are monitoring video pokers. This means that video poker programs are reliable.

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Why Video Poker?

Well, you might say that it is better to play poker with live person than with a computer, which is lifeless. Pretty much an understatement while, you can enjoy video poker in the same way as playing it with life person, however, there are some differences when playing it by yourself. Many gamblers think that video poker is a joke because there is no human factor on it. Of course that is true. In live poker, there is intimidation, bluffing, and all other stuffs that can be found in poker tables. And without mentioning cheaters who sometimes put on extra cards on their sleeves. This is the only thing that is absent in video poker which you can find in live poker games.

However, if you are a type of person who wants to make analysis instead of factoring out human factors, then, video poker is something for you. This is the game where you don’t have to deal with people. Also, this is the game that will let you win a lot of money by just putting in the right strategy at hand. Of course, you won’t get anything if you don’t play the right strategy.

While you can still play in the same way as in live poker, but there is a difference especially if you are not a sociable type of player. Also, there are lots of things that you can avoid when you are playing video poker instead of the live ones. For sure, you will avoid the sore losers who might take their losses seriously and who knows what might happen. Aside from that, you are playing with different people who came from different walks of life. You must admit it. There are times that you don’t want to be in the same table with someone whom you do not want to be with. This cannot be done if you are playing in a live poker. The reason for this one is that live poker is for everyone and it is an open room without any discrimination for players. Now, if you do not want to join in with others and you want to make it on your own, then, video poker is something that you should be playing instead.

Also, video poker is not only for those who are aloof. If you are a person who would like to practice your strategy before going on live poker or any poker tournament, or if you are practicing on betting your odds, then, video poker is the platform you would be able to apply your strategy first. This is something that you can do in a video poker which you cannot easily do in a live poker.

Beating the Machine

Well, that is one thing you can cherish on if you are playing on a video poker. It is between you and the machine. And what is so special beating the machine? They are lifeless. They work in sets of programs. And by beating their rules, you can get a lot of money which you can never imagine. So this is the very special thing about video poker.

To tell you, it is easier to beat a machine. A machine doesn’t look at your betting patterns. Instead, they will simulate your bet which works on different way. Also, machines don’t lie. This means that the simulation is triggered based on the program and the odds that it will be working on. With video poker, you can easily bluff the machine or you can also get a lot of slow plays, which is one of things that you like when you are in the right card. And with this, you might want to take advantage of the limitation of the machine.

So, if you can beat the machine easily, which is bound by the program, then, there is no reason as to why you should not choose video poker than the live poker.

How to beat the machine easily?

This is the very question you might be asking after you decided to go for a kill in video poker. Now, when you are against a machine, man’s mind can be easily defeated. Case in point is the machine designed to beat the best chess players. Now, this is something that you should not about video poker. The machines are not programmed in the same way as it was programmed to beat topnotch chess player. Instead, the machine is program to simulate the human reaction as to what kind of cards, which has been slain in deck and compute the chances of winning.

This means that the computer is already calculating if it has a chance to win or not. On the other hand, it requires no machine capabilities for you to make calculations on your hand. And since the machine is basing on the relative value it has and the chances that it can win, its program are based on the odds.

The Luck Factor

So, here is something that the machine would not be able to compute. They could not tell if whether you are aiming just for luck or you are just calculating for odds as long as it could calculate the chances of winning. However, humans have the tendency to bring it all. This is true to gamblers who has everything to lose and everything to gain. If they could just put all their money in and does not mind what will happen, who knows they might be able to hit jackpot.

Also, you can play bingo poker and it won’t annoy others. Well, the problem with that is if you don’t have enough money to burn. Well, that is not your problem anymore if you have lots of them to splurge. In this way, you can get yourself lucky and win huge amount of money. This is the reason a lot of people are going after video poker instead of playing the live game.

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Rigged or not rigged?

Again, this is the question that might come across to your mind if you don’t take a closer look at the odds. You can say if that is a rig game if out of five; there are no good hands for you. It is five because in a poker match, you will always get a very good hand in most occasions and win at least one in five matches. This is where you can tell if a video poker you are playing is rigged or not. A rigged video poker always handles a win for the machine. Also, it is necessary to check online some of the poker website that can give you genuine chances of winning. There are some forums online which will give you guide to the best video poker games that can be seen online.

Also, you have to make sure that such poker site is truly a licensed gaming site. In this way, you can be sure that the games are regulated by a governing body that is regulating poker sites. Of course, it is a good business and they will be losing a lot if they don’t make it reliable.

And with regard to rigging, it is a crime. For this reason, the site can be easily banned from operating and at the same time transactions with the site will be held especially if you are using credit cards to deposit money on it. And with this in mind, you can be assured that in every video poker sites that you have visited, you can be sure of the fair play rules which it operates.

What matters most?

If you are thinking that machines can be easily beaten, then, you can have video poker. Well, the thing is that it really does not matter what type of games you are playing. What matters is how you enjoy the games and how well you have played on them. If you think that machines are easy kill, then, you have the choice of playing it with the machine. Who knows? You might have the recipe of success by just beating the machines in a video poker.

Now, if you are a person who is only thinking of gaining, then, it is up to you to decide. You can also do the same with live poker. The thing is that you have the option as to what type of play you want to have. This is the beauty of gambling. You can easily get what you want, but with a price. And as to what price is that? Well, it’s for you know. As long as you play it well, it won’t really matter after all.