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Now that you have followed the slots guide and are ready to try out some slot machines, we are providing you with this free slots game to let you practice before you go to the online casino.  This slot game is provided as a courtesy to our readers and we hope that you enjoy it.  This free slots online game is for play only and does not use real money.  If you want a real money casino, please check out any of the reviews that we provide on this website.


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Is Online Gambling Going To Go All In?

What could be better than taking bets, playing cards, and the possibility of winning millions? No its not the NY lottery, its not even New York at all; its the exciting world of casinos. A growing trend in gambling has become online casinos, and New Jersey is the third state in the nation that has begun to take part in this sure to be mega million dollar trend. Following suit to states that already have residents getting their spend on, like Nevada and Delaware, New Jersey has high hopes for their online gambling.

On Thursday November 21st, New Jersey began their five day trial period of online gambling. They allowed 6 of the internet gambling permit holders to begin to let patrons participate in what they call, “soft play,” also known as the non high stakes games. For 5 days, state selected casinos and patrons will be able to test out the quality and functionality of internet casinos that have been under construction for much longer than the 9 month period before it was actually legalized. They are checking to see that all the programs they created for the sites, work appropriately. That all the games function, take money, and pay out as they should, and that the security systems put in place to ensure that no one under the age of 21 gets to enter the site, do what they should as well.

The possibilities of what having an online casino can add to an already flourishing establishment seem to be endless. Now if patrons so choose, they do not even have to leave the comfort of their own hotel rooms to gamble in the casinos. They can enjoy a relaxing evening, while still enjoying themselves and trying their luck. Those who can’t afford to go away for a few days to relax and enjoy themselves at an actual casino resort can now spend their time playing the same games from the comfort of their own homes. If they so chose they can participate in the activities without pants, or even clothes at all! That is definitely not an option offered at most Vegas, or New York casinos and its not only frowned upon, but also illegal to play the NY lottery naked. Perhaps saving money on the trip to the casino will also allow customers to spend a few extra dollars on the house.

A wide range of gambling activities will be available on the newly developed online casino sites. Besides the usual online poker tables, slots are also going to be available to all casino patrons. Bored with the slots as well? Black Jack, Roulette,and almost any table or machine game you find in an actual regular casino can be operated online, live, as well. It is possible that the only downfall to winning your chips online is that the skimpily dressed cocktail waitress’s, most likely do not deliver the tremendous amounts of free alcohol, through your mac book, laptop, or desktop. However; this is yet another perk for casino owners who will surely save money on the drinks they get to keep while the high rollers swipe there cards, so to speak, over the world wide web.

Online casinos are not the only amendment New Jersey is attempting to make to its legislation. The state is also trying to legalize the allowance of internet sports gambling. Soon those who love to take place in activities like fantasy football or baseball on the internet will not only be able to play their fantasy teams, they will also be able to utilize real money betting options. This adjustment to New Jerseys state law would allow for online sports betting to occur in their internet casinos. Even those who don’t enjoy taking part in fantasy football or baseball, having online sports betting along with New Jersey’s net casinos, would open an entire new revenue avenue for the state, and savvy entrepreneurs alike. It would also allow another easy out for those who would much rather bet on the games while enjoying them on their own over sized flat screen televisions in the comfort of their own homes.

With the devastation Katrina left in its wake, it is not a secret that the Jersey shore line could use a few more tourist attractions and allowing the state to operate online casinos is surely a quick way to pull in more tourism, and money; Money that New Jersey could use to re-build their cities and their economy. Atlantic city has been hit hard by the decrease in tourism and could immensely benefit from being allowed to operate online casinos in addition to their grand, physical casinos.

Of course the success of the industry cannot be determined until the trial period is over, and the 5 days of testing, that has commenced, before the official opening of the market on Tuesday has occurred. Until than it is literally a waiting game for the state, and the individuals of New Jersey alike.