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InterCasino Review

InterCasino Review

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InterCasino is well known for their high quality casino game graphics as they use Cryptologic software. InterCasino is also one of those online casinos that has gained popularity for their numerous  online tournaments. They are a very stable online casino with years of great service to their customers. They have an untarnished reputation and are very generous with their bonuses, promotions and free roll giveaways. As a new player at InterCasino, you’ll enjoy an excellent initial match bonus followed by opportunities to increase your bankroll with in-casino promotions and more.

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As a worldwide presence in the casino game, InterCasino dominates in quantity and quality of the games they offer. With over four-hundred games, InterCasino has continued to keep their game selection fresh and exciting for years. If you are like me, then your favorite gambling site has to be active and actually keep me wanting to come back. Well, InterCasino does exactly that. Starting back in 1996, InterCasino has built a massive following of players and continues to bring in more with their fantastic games and bonus options.

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Casino Games at InterCasino

If instant play games are important to you, then you’ll be delighted to know that InterCasino has over eighty instant play games. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I have a very fast internet connection and a very capable laptop, so I always just download casino software. I find that it is faster and that the graphics run a lot smoother. To each his own though. Anyway, I don’t think I need to bore you with a massive list of over four hundred games. If you want to see the absolute best graphics in online gambling, then you’ll want to click any of the links on this page and head over to InterCasino. While you are there, sign up, claim your free welcome bonus and try out the games with real money wagers. Otherwise, if you are just looking for some great casino games to play, then try out their free play games. Free play and real money gambling are both offered to account holders at InterCasino.


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Free Games

Another cool thing that InterCasino provides are no download, no log in, free online casino games. This gives you the opportunity to check out their software without any strings attached. That way you can experience the excitement of their games and decide to join InterCasino based on first hand experience.


InterCasino Security

InterCasino is a 100% secure online gambling site and they are in good standing and fully licensed. They also offer the fastest payouts and the best bonuses around. Over the past fifteen years, InterCasino has continued to provide a safe and secure online gambling experience and they protect their member’s personal data and financial information with top of the line security features and encryption. InterCasino is the most trusted online casino with UK Government White list seal approval and an in-depth policy for privacy. They also are certified 100% free of bugs or other programming errors and are also 100% fair play certified by the top names in auditing.

InterCasino Bonuses and Promotions

$£250 is completely free as the InterCasino 100% match welcome bonus is one of the easiest to get in the  industry. InterCasino has very easy requirements in meeting their bonuses and they don’t mess around with players and their money. In fact, getting started is as easy as signing up and downloading. Once you are in, the bonus rules and promotion guidelines are easy to follow. You’ll also have access to personalized bonuses and promotions plus exclusive monthly reload bonuses.

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Payment and Banking

InterCasino has the most secure system out of more than one thousand online casinos on the internet. Withdrawing money with Ecash is fast and secure and Ecash is the preferred financial transaction company chosen by InterCasino. There are a number of other deposit and withdrawal options offered, and those also include popular methods like Skrill and Credit Cards.

Customer Support

Contacting InterCasino Customer support is very easy. If you are calling in the UK use 0800-169-1294 and that will put you in direct contact with customer support. The call is free. Email and chat support are also available.


  1. InterCasino has the most fascinating options of 300 and more games that I found out to my delight. It was so wonderful to find that seated at home you could go on to access these wonderful games at InterCasino. I really didn’t expect to find games like blackjack and roulette out here at InterCasino but to my delight they are there. I loved every second that I spent out here and am going to come back for more. See you there at InterCasino as it kind of becomes a way of life for many to be able to have fun while at home.

  2. Most days I wondered what could I do after I had put the children to bed. And, then I was recommended to log on to InterCasino by a friend of mine who had been doing that since a long time. Gosh! How grateful I am to her for showing me this website. To be honest, I was a bit worried about the security factor, but at InterCasino they offer one hundred percent security to people who play online. This was certainly reassuring to hear of and witness as well. I surely look forward to taking myself to this online gaming parlor every day.

  3. InterCasino is one place that I love going to, to play online games. It has daily winners and that almost gives everyone a chance to try their hand at winning. The games are varied right from the slot machines to table games and video poker. I have been visiting InterCasino since quite a while now and you will find me playing Blackjack most often. Also, I loved the three card rummy the moment I tried my hand at it. This is one fast paced game that you will love to play for the excitement that it can generate.

  4. InterCasino brings on the very best of gaming experiences for anyone who brings themselves to it. I wouldn’t have believed it until one day I happened to find myself on this website. I love the events and promotions that they constantly run and one of my favorites is the daily winner. I have got the opportunity to be a daily winner a few times and that sure was an exciting thing to happen. The other thing that draws me to InterCasino is the one hundred percent security so I don’t need to be checking over my shoulder all the time.

  5. At InterCasino there are so many games to play and I have loved each one of them. When I first started I never dreamt that I would be a regular out here. But I love the place and all that it has on offer. At InterCasino what I really love is the ability to play any game right away without downloading any software. There are more than 300 top quality games to play that you will not find on anywhere else. There is a huge jackpot just waiting to be won at InterCasino. Why not try out your luck and enjoy yourself.

  6. InterCasino offers the player a fully licensed and regulated playing option online. I really liked this option when I first heard of it. When I joined InterCasino I got a free joining bonus and have been able to get myself several other playing bonuses as well. This way I was able to start playing the games right away. Another thing I found unique at InterCasino is that there was no download required which saved time and brought the fun on instantly. With no downloads required you don’t need to worry about your computer but just sit back and enjoy the games.

  7. InterCasino has so many free online games. I loved the way I was able to try my hand at all of these without having to spend an extra dime on being allowed to play them. Once I had mastered these games I was ready to move on to the bigger gaming leagues at InterCasino. I have been making a substantial amount of money at InterCasino and more than that have been having the time of my life. My husband has been wondering what that extra gleam in my eyes is about. Well, maybe one day I will introduce him to the pleasures of playing at InterCasino.

  8. InterCasino has several options and I started out with roulette and poker since they have always been my favorite. However, whatever be your favorite you are bound to find them at InterCasino. Here you will find the widest collection of all sorts of games right from blackjack to roulette be it British or American. It was so very simple to get started at InterCasino almost as simple as child’s play. No waiting was what I liked as I could start playing right away. I truly enjoy playing at the world’s most trusted and secure of casinos and definitely recommend it to all.

  9. InterCasino was just the place that I wanted to be at but was a little scared in the beginning. That is when my friend told me about how it does not require any downloads and therefore does not interfere with the other running programs. InterCasino is completely bug free and therefore the best playing option out there. That is the reason I can play it even on my husband’s computer without any worries. I liked the simple to understand play video before I started playing. Just yesterday I won a huge amount at InterCasino and was really thrilled.

  10. InterCasino is such a wonderful place to let your hair down and that to seated right at home. I would have never imagined that such fun was possible on an online casino until I visited InterCasino. I loved the slot machines and the thrill that they could provide. Also, the video to understand the working was really great for a novice like me. What I really liked about InterCasino is the ability to have begun playing right away without any hitches and downloads needed. I can enjoy myself without having to leave my home and make a whole lot of like-minded friends with the help of InterCasino.

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