The lawmakers of the state of Illinois are not intending to give up on gambling even after the governor Pat Quinn have rejected two plans before. The lawmakers have tried to revive their plans and efforts in order to add 5 new casinos and slot machines in two of the biggest airports in Chicago. This plan easily passed through the hearing of the Senate committee of the state.

The lawmakers have decided to adopt a new approach, this time they are promoting their plan as a cash generator that would fund public schools in hopes for the plan to be approved by the state governor, Pat Quinn. Only two hours before the hearing took place, the governor has announced that the budget for education will have to be cut down by 400 million dollars. He also gave minor hints that he would possibly approve and support a gambling legislation in order to overcome these cuts.

This proposal would be up against a full senate vote this Thursday. If it passed, it is going to authorize five new casinos in Rockford, Chicago south suburbs, Danville, Lake County and Danville. Not only that as this legislation would also enable the existing and the future casinos to apply for an internet gambling and casino game license.

The senator behind this legislation is Senator Terry Link who belongs to the Democratic Party. He has said that the expansion in gambling is able to generate between four-hundred million and one billion dollars for the state of Illinois. This money would be used to fund the Education Assistance Fund of the state after the communities get their share of the revenues.

As for the first fifty million dollars that would be generated from the licensing & application fees and the per-slot machine that the operators will be obligated to pay, it will go to the Gaming Board of the state.

This bill would also authorize 1,200 and 900 slot machines in Cook country and outside of the county respectively. The Chicago casino operator would also be able to apply for 4,000 more machines that would be located at two of the biggest international airports in Chicago, the O’Hare and Midway airports.

It is expected that Quinn might back the legislation despite his position towards gambling due to the budget cuts, especially in education.

July 3rd 2012 Casino News

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