Lucky Nugget Casino Game Review

Online casinos are the wave of the future. The ability to be able to play games right in the comfort of home is wonderful. Forget fighting the crowds and the parking and find a comfortable chair and get to work, or play that is.

The Lucky Nugget Casio is a great online casino which is ran by Belle Rock Entertainment. Because Belle Rock Entertainment is a big stable company, people can feel at ease gambling here. The Lucky Nugget Casio has many advantages, like the $1,000 sign-up bonus. This bonus allows its customers to play for the period of an hour. During this hour period, the $1,000 can be used to play games and any winning that comes from this is yours to keep. Now, keep in mind this is only for the people who actually make a deposit to their account that will receive the sign-in bonus, you do not receive this just for signing up.

Casino Game Lucky Nugget

This operation is 100% legal and operates under the government of Malta. They are fully licensed and stress safety in their operations. Their chairman is Tim Johnson. He actually puts his face on there for all to see. For those who might be worried about the security of the entire operation, putting a face with the website seems to help. They also have a toll-free number, which one can call with any problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, this makes it even more authentic to know there is a number to call.

The Lucky Nugget does require you to download the casino to your computer. If one has dial up or slower modems, this could be a big problem. However, they do offer a “Lite Casino” for those whose computers may not be the latest and the greatest. The lite service uses a flash which can easily be played through the computer browser.

Lucky Nugget Casino Game Promotions

The site has been in operation for over 10 years. They started back in 1998 and are still going strong. They currently offer 264 games on their site. These were all created by a company called Microgaming. For those who are interested in the odds, they are pretty good or just as good as any other gaming site.

Payment and Banking Lucky Nugget

They offer cash-back points, which is another way to increase earnings. To cash out is simple; they use ‘Neteller, Payspark and Firepay’. All winnings that are deposited should show up in your checking account within 48 hours.

Lucky Nugget Customer Support

Another added feature that the Lucky Nugget has is that they offer a list of their current winnings. They are legitimate and they make sure that their customers feel that they are from start to finish. Overall the Lucky Nugget is a great gambling site, which offers lucrative payouts and that one should have no fear investing their time or money in.

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